Deutsche Schule Mailand - Scuola Germanica di Milano

SCHULBANKER – we are playing for money … seriously!

Imparting business and banking knowledge in a practical way is the goal of the "Schulbanker" competition, in which teams from two classes of the DSM are participating again this year. The contest aims to introduce economic basics and entrepreneurial action to students, who then have to transfer their knowledge to a virtual model of a bank.

The bank E-Senni "founded" by our team, consisting of Leonardo Maisano, Paolo Senni, Matej Ivaskovic and Lavinia Peroni from class 10a, took first place in the current intermediate ranking in our market, which is one of twenty markets in which 143 schools and 2,472 pupils take part. By setting the focus on private clients, offering to them low interest rates for active operations and low management fees for their current accounts, our E-Senni team was able to convince the virtual market and is after five of six rounds market leader! Implementing our environmentally friendly corporate philosophy, our most recent project consists in allocating our clients‘ investments in Green Bonds and in this way supporting three sustainable projects.

We really hope to be able to defend our first place, which will allow us to participate at the finals in Berlin!

Please, visit our social media account to find out more about us.

Lavinia Peroni, 10a

Deutsche Schule Mailand - Scuola Germanica di Milano
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